Thursday, October 18, 2007

Words for the Wise #2

...and we're back.

I've been laggardly in updating the blog, so here's a new word (courtesy of T) to keep you chomping:

resistentialism (n.)

Conceived in satirical reference to existentialism, Paul Jennings posited the the belief that inanimate objects have a natural antipathy toward human beings. (Terry Pratchett refers to this in Discworld as "malignity.")

Lost your keys? It's not a memory problem. Closed the car door on your hand? Don't worry about your coordination. THINGS ARE OUT TO GET YOU!

A long standing problem in the scientific community, researchers at the Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health Research in Melbourne, Australia sought to conclusively establish, "Where have all the bloody teaspoons gone?"

May all your days be minimally resistential,

The other words in this series can always be found here.

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