Wednesday, December 27, 2006


We went to T's family for Shabbos, expecting to return sometime over the long weekend. It wasn't to be. Motza"sh, T sneezed and her back went out. The MRI on Sunday (try getting any medical care on a holiday weekend!) showed a herniated disc.

Here's where the Gushers come in, bear with me. You see, in between each vertebra in the spinal column is a disc that serves as a joint (to allow slight movement of the vertebrae), a ligament (to hold the vertebrae together), and a shock absorber (protecting each vertebra from everyday trauma).
The disc is like a jelly doughnut or a Gusher- it has a tough outside composed of several layers of fibrocartilage, and a viscous inside. When there's a tear in the outer layer, the inner gel prolapses, it slides out from its usual position and presses on a nerve root.

The result? Intense back and leg pain. So T's been in bed since then, except for the trip to the MRI and to go to the bathroom. I've been helping her all along (throwing out my back a bit in the process). She's getting better, ever so slowly. It's really tough for her, but she's reading her third book of the week and she's watched a few movies, so she manages to pass the time.

As for me, I'm going a bit stir crazy living here at my in-laws' for the week. Everyone asks how T is, what would she like, can they make her some food, etc. No one really asks about me, I sort of fade into the background. It'll be nice to have our life back.

Get it, back? Oy vey...

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